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If you're reading this, the idea of you inviting someone to Church might cause you to go into a minor panic attack.

Inviting people to Church can be nerve wracking. Some of our worst fears when we are inviting people to church are "What if I make them feel uncomfortable" or "What if I come off as a religious nut job?" There is also a fear that is more basic than that and it's the idea that "I don't know how to invite someone to church."

These are valid concerns but did you  know that, according to church researchers, 55% of those who do not attend church would consider doing so if they were invited by a friend, coworker, neighbor, or family member? That person who invites them COULD be you, and SHOULD be you!

We all know that the best form of advertising is word of mouth, and the same is true for church. We hear story after story of someone being invited by their friends to come to Rivers and never looking back. Maybe it's a neighbor, coworker, or family member, but no matter who it is, the biggest difference you can make in someone's life is inviting them to experience the life-changing love of Jesus Christ. Rivers Church exists to bring people far from God to new life in Christ.

Ways to Invite

  1. Casually ask a family member, friend, neighbor, or colleague to join you at a campus.
  2. Invite someone to watch church online with you.
  3. Share a Rivers Church social media post or Online livestream.
  4. Text a friend and invite them to the next weekend gathering in-person or online.

Everyone has one. Who's your one? Identify your one. Pray for your one. Invest in your one. Invite your one. Then repeat.