9 Keys Series

Many of us are also teetering and tottering, never knowing when the next storm will come. We want to be rooted and solid—a testimony to our Creator. But often we feel hollow, shallow rooted, with no strong core.

What if I told you that you can change all this, that you can weather the storms of life with an inner strength and confidence you’ve imagined but never felt? What if I told you that you can experience the kind of joy that will change the world around you, and the kind of peace that brings serenity and calmness sweeter than any you’ve known?

Rivers church 2022 sermon series will give you the tools to achieve the Amazing life you have always wanted. In  the first 9 weeks of 2022 you can make 9 choices that will change your family tree forever. Take the 9 week challenge by committing to attend church 9 weeks in a row.Apply each week and create new Godly habits by stacking one weeks application upon the next .